Flight Attendants Get A Massive Surprise When 28-Week-Pregnant Woman Goes Into Labor Midair

by Grace Eire
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Flying is always stressful, no matter what.

Packing, getting to the airport, going through security, waiting for hours at your gate, the inevitable delays — it’s often a mess, at least in my experience!

Taking a flight when you’re 28 weeks pregnant must not be very fun, but at least you get to sit down for a good amount of time on the plane and relax. Or at least that’s what you think would happen.

For 28-week-pregnant Nafi Diaby, the stress of flying didn’t end after she buckled her seatbelt on her Turkish Airlines plane. In fact, she was in for quite the surprise.

At 28 weeks, a full-term pregnancy has about two more months to go. Flying at 28 weeks shouldn’t be a problem. But, of course, nothing is certain when it comes to the human body and the miracle of childbirth.

Up in the air, Nafi started to feel some immense pain. Soon enough, she was certain that she was in labor. Who was going to help deliver her baby mid-flight?

Flight attendants took matters into their own hands, and as Nafi lay across a row of seats, they helped bring her little baby, Kadiju, into the world.

The baby and mother were both in good health. The plane made an emergency landing to get Mom and baby to the hospital, just as a precaution, but everyone involved is expected to be totally healthy.

The flight attendants who delivered the baby did exactly the right thing in the spur of the moment, and they’re being spoken of as heroes. I don’t know if I would have been able to do what these amazing folks did on that very exciting flight.

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