5-Day-Old Instantly Calms When Mom Puts Him In Special Tub That Feels Just Like Her Womb

by Emerald Pellot
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Newborn baby Lucas is only 5 days old. So small and precious, his eyes haven’t even opened yet. Transitioning from out of a mother’s womb and into the real world can be a traumatic adjustment for newborns.

The comfort and familiarity of a mother’s womb cannot be replicated or matched. However, a new product called the Tummy Tub comes pretty close. Developed in Holland, the womb-shaped bath instantly soothes newborns by making them feel safe again.

According to Fox News, “Babies are evicted before their ‘fourth trimester,’ before they are fully developed and still needing the gentle stroking, holding, and shushing of the womb. An infant’s crying, which can last from minutes to hours, may actually be the result of missing the constant noise and stimulation of the womb.”

The tummy tub can soothe indigestion, gas, and colic babies. It is said to stimulate cognitive and physical development. Moreover, it uses less water and energy, thus it is great for the environment.

In the video below, you’ll see Mom put her chubby baby Lucas into the Tummy Tub. He sits in an upright position, and Mom provides support for his head and neck. The baby is fully immersed in warm water, which fills just like the last nine months or so.

Lucas looks like he is practically luxuriating as he reexperiences the womb.

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