Tumbles The Puppy Gets A Cute Little Wheelchair

by Paul Morris
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Meet Tumbles, he’s the perfectly adorable little guy who just wants to love up on a human and play with his best friends.

Just like little baby Ruggles, the puppy who was only capable of love, this little angel just wants to kiss, hug, and play; but unfortunately, Tumbles was born without any front paws.

For the first six weeks of his little life, he’s had to hop around on his chest; and while he’s gotten good at moving around that way, that’s no way a dog should have to live out his life!

That’s when his loving human friends come into the picture. They measured up little Tumbles, and over a few hours, they managed to build an adorable little wheelchair that will allow this little guy to have an amazing life above the ground!

While they’ll certainly have to make bigger and bigger wheelchairs as he grows up, this moment is pretty special for a little dog like this. The mere fact that Tumbles was given a second chance like this is amazing; this dog deserves just as much love as any other little puppy, but just because he’s missing two front legs, he feared he’d never get it.

While the wheelchair will certainly take some perfecting and getting used to, we’re sure he’ll be running about in no time!

As he waits to find a “forever home” that can properly nurture his specific needs, we’re so happy to know that he’ll be able to live out a fulfilling life surrounded by people who will always be there to take care of him and love him no matter what.

So instead of calling this puppy hurtful names, we’re glad that his humans are giving him the chance to live a happy life instead.

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2-legged puppy gets new wheels with help of 3-D printer

A six-week-old puppy named Tumbles, who was born without front legs, is getting around a little easier with the help of a mini wheelchair.

Posted by FOX8 on Tuesday, November 17, 2015