Neighbor Sees Terrifying Moment Dad Pulls Toddler Away From Kidnapper In Backyard Tug-Of-War

by Jess Butler
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It was just another normal day — until a complete stranger changed everything.

A father was in his backyard with his 2-year-old son so he could take out the trash. Little did he know, an unwanted intruder was about to create a terrifying moment in their lives.

As the man walked his trash can to the curb, a complete stranger creeped in from the nearby pond and snuck up to the toddler.

The would-be kidnapper reached the 2-year-old and grabbed his arm.

The weirdest part? The would-be kidnapper did all of this right next to the boy’s dad. He didn’t even try to be stealthy about it.

So, with great speed, the toddler’s dad grabbed the child’s other arm, and it all spiraled into a disturbing tug-of-war between them — with the 2-year-old in the middle.

In the video below, posted on December 1, 2017, the dad’s teen neighbor, Elias Holguin, explains, “He was like, right here, trying to open a bag of chips. I’m already walking off to the other side of the house, and I just hear him scream to help.”

The toddler’s father wasn’t going to end this fight without taking his son back. Then, he was able to scare the predator off.

The father screamed “Police!” It sent the would-be kidnapper running. Thankfully, the little boy is still safe, and his dad plans on keeping it that way.

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