Neighbor Is Called Crazy For Spending $13,500 On Pod But Says She No Longer Worries About Dying

by Amy Paige
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Living on or near the ocean has some fabulous benefits, but it also comes with the possibility of facing some scary natural disasters.

According to KOIN 6, “If and when a major Cascadia subduction zone earthquake hits off the Northwest coast of Washington, there will be little residents who live there can do except run for the hills to try and take cover from a tsunami.”

Jeanne Johnson lives about one-eighth of a mile from the Pacific Ocean. She was constantly worried about having to evacuate and/or watch her home be destroyed. She wanted another option for her and her beloved dog, Trixey.

And so, Jeanne became the first American to buy a “tsunami survival capsule.”

She purchased the 300-pound, 4.5-foot diameter spherical pod for $13,500. Might sound crazy to some, but Jeanne says she doesn’t even think about dying anymore.

Watch as Jeanne opens the bright red capsule and explains why this tiny pod gives her the peace of mind she’s always been looking for.

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