TSA Officer Gets Handed A Note While Working By A Stranger, Then Can’t Help But Respond

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

The worst part of going to the airport is almost always, hands down, waiting in the seemingly endless security line. It’s the last painstaking step you have to take until you can fly away to your destination on the other side of the baggage x-ray machines.

However, one traveler didn’t mind waiting in the TSA line so much while at the Dallas airport.

Twitter user Anthony L. Lewis is gaining a lot of attention and virtual high fives from the internet for his smooth moves.

While in line, Anthony saw “the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen,” who just so happened to be a TSA officer on the job.

Anthony decided to go for the gold and take a chance. What he did next was both adorable and bold.

Anthony quickly penned a little note speaking from the heart, but took care to be understanding that his love interest was on the job.

I think we can all appreciate Anthony as the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to (politely) make a move.

Anthony’s love interest hasn’t been outed by name yet, but it’s clear why he decided that leaving his number was a chance he couldn’t pass up.

Anthony took to Twitter, further demonstrating that he isn’t shy about his intentions and “had to.” He’s clearly excited, and it’s adorable.

Anyone who saw Anthony’s tweet loved it, especially how he went about things in a gentlemanly manner.

We can all be happy knowing that his efforts paid off and his suitor contacted him. How could she resist?

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