Dear Moms: It’s Time To Stop Feeling Guilty And Start Cutting Yourself Some Slack

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Being a mom is hard work. Add to that the pressure that society puts on parents to be perfect, and it’s amazing that moms everywhere don’t implode!

Though it feels like being a mom means constantly having to be on your A-game, holding yourself to such high standards all the time is only going to drive you crazy. That’s why in this installment of Truth Bomb Mom, Kristina Kuzmic is giving moms everywhere “permission slips” for when they need a break from being perfect.

Sometimes, what moms really need is for someone to look them in the eye and tell them that it’s OK to be messy, to take the occasional day away from their family, or to just be human.

“I give you permission not to give in to other people’s expectations,” says Kristina, “whether it be your mom, or dad, or your in-laws, or that fellow mom on her high horse, or the media. Ignore the expectations and you do you.”

Just because you aren’t at 100% all the time, doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact, allowing yourself to screw up every once in a while makes you a good parent, because you’re teaching your kids that life gets messy sometimes, and that’s OK.

“I give you permission not to be perfect, not to win at parenting every single day,” Kristina tells moms everywhere. “I mean some days, you’re gonna be the most amazing parent ever, and some days you’ll just be eh… OK. And that’s good enough.”

Check out Kristina’s much-needed permission slips below, and make sure to SHARE this with every mom you know!

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