He Was Single Before The Accident, But Now Burn Victim Has Found True Love

by Emerald Pellot
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A year ago, firefighter Daniel Lyon was the sole survivor of an unthinkable massive wildfire accident.

The wildfire caused the engine of the vehicle he was riding to crash.

“All you see at that point is flames. And the intense feeling that just — your entire body is burning,” said Lyon. Three of Lyon’s fellow firefighters died, while 70 percent of his body was covered in burns.

The only reason he is able to see today is because he happened to be wearing sunglasses. His parents still remember when they got the call from another firefighter.

“He said it looked like Daniel came as an angel running out of the flames of hell,” his father, Dan Lyon said.

After 14 surgeries at Seattle’s Harborview Burn Center, Lyon has a brand-new look and love. Before the incident Lyon was completely single, now he’s found something real. His casual friend Megan Lanfear became his rock during his recovery.

“Your friend’s in a fire, or any kind of accident, you’re gonna want to be there for him,” Lanfear said. “After all he’s been through, he still always has a smile on his face. And he’s super strong. He’s a really good person.”

There’s no making sense of the tragedy Lyon experienced, but through his resilience he was able to create new life that anyone would be proud to have.

“The biggest thing that she does for me is helps me emotionally and mentally,” he said.

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