Trucker Pulls Over On Highway And Places Hand Over Heart As Veteran’s Funeral Procession Passes

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Fred Ladage, 91, was laid to rest on January 5, 2018.

Fred had served in the Navy and Navy Reserves in WWII. He lived a long, full life before passing away surrounded by family. He was buried with full military honors.

As Fred’s family made their way to the cemetery to bury him, something touching happened.

We’ve all probably seen a funeral procession pass us on the highway, and many of us have likely paused for a moment to think of the people involved. But one man who noticed Fred’s funeral procession took it a step further.

A trucker and total stranger stopped his vehicle when he saw the procession. He pulled over onto the side of the highway and stepped out of his semitruck. Then, he stood inches from traffic and placed his hand over his heart as the procession made its way past him.

Kristen Collins, Fred’s granddaughter, noticed the stranger on the highway. Touched by his gesture, her husband snapped a picture. Kristen said the moment was so special to her because “everything about my grandfather, about his legacy and life, was important, and people were stopping to honor that.”

Even though she had no idea who the trucker was, Kristen wanted to thank him — so she posted her husband’s picture on Facebook and hoped the power of social media would help her locate him.

It didn’t take long. Thousands liked the picture, and a few hours later, the stranger’s wife saw it.

The stranger is Bradley Faulkner. He’s a veteran too, having served a tour in Iraq as part of the military police. Soon after the photo went up on Facebook, Bradley drove over to Kristen’s house to meet her.

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Footage and photos provided by KSDK St. Louis

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