Troopers Show Up To 10-Year-Old’s Birthday Party When Nobody Else Does

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Before his 10th birthday, a little boy named Toxey sent out 21 invitations to his upcoming birthday party. Imagine his disappointment when not a single classmate showed up to celebrate. Toxey’s mom, Angela, felt helpless and heartbroken. “On Saturday night, I knew no one was coming, and I posted on Facebook just kind of like an outcry to parents,” Angela wrote on Facebook. “Just please if your kids get invited to birthdays take them.”

Angela’s message went viral.

Two days later, there was a knock at the door. Angela was shocked when she saw who was standing on the other side. Four state troopers — Cpl David Frothman and troopers Terry Sawyer, Kyle Sheldon, Brandon Cook and Tim Callison — asked Angela if Toxey was home. When the little boy ran to the door, he was a little bit frightened by the sight of four large men staring down at him. Little did he and Angela know the real reason they were there.

Now, Angela’s second Facebook post about Toxy’s birthday is going viral, but for a much different reason…

This is Toxey, a little boy who lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Recently, Toxey decided to celebrate his 10th birthday by throwing a party. He sent out an invitation to each of his 21 classmates.

Frustrated and upset, Angela took to Facebook to share her story. The post went viral, and ended up catching the attention of an Arkansas State Trooper.

“What ensues is the stuff dreams are made of,” Angela wrote in a second Facebook post — and it was all out of the goodness of strangers’ hearts.

Two days after word spread about Toxey’s big birthday let-down, four Alabama State Troopers knocked on Toxey’s front door. At first, Toxey was a bit scared… but all the troopers wanted to do was celebrate his birthday.

The troopers spent the entire day with Toxey and his family.

‘They showed me all the keys to do the sirens and the horn. I also got to see the cage with the dog in it,’ Toxey said.

They also gave him a cookie cake with his name on it and played a game of basketball.

“They had come to give me all that stuff and make up their own birthday party for me,” Toxey said.

From video games to a razor scooter, the kindhearted troopers spared no expense when it came to giving Toxey the birthday of which he could only dream!

“They made this sweet baby’s day, his year!!” Angela wrote. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never be able to repay the kindness you showed my family today!!

Come on friends, let’s make these guys famous! They deserve to be recognized for the wonderful people they are!! Thank you Arkansas State Troopers!!!”

“I don’t even know where to start, because ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem good enough!”

Gone is the heartbreak and disappointment; whenever Toxey thinks about his 10th birthday, he will always remember how wonderful it was.

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