Triplets Take Their First Dip In The Pool…But Wait Until You See Their Sister!

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

It might seem crazy, but getting babies in the pool at only a few months old helps their development in the long run in so many ways!

In the following video, we see three adorable triplets head to the pool with their mom when they are just six months old! This is an especially precious video for this sweet family, because their mom, Winnie Puah, was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome and never thought she’d be able to have children.

For some women like Whitney Thore, PCOS causes obesity, but for most women, the most difficult side effect is that conceiving a child is close to impossible without intense fertility treatment.

However, hope was not lost and Winnie tried hormone injections just in case. Much to everyone’s surprise, Winnie defied all odds and became pregnant, but as it turned out, that wasn’t the biggest surprise coming her family’s way!

Just like the story of this Montana mom, Jody Kinsey, Winnie says she, her husband, and their doctors were floored when Winnie became pregnant with not one, not two, but three little ones. It’s such a miracle that Winnie had a healthy pregnancy and all three of her babies were born without health problems of their own.

In this clip, we see boys Brayden and Asher, and baby girl Charlotte, take their first swimming lesson at six months old. As you will see, these little miracles are not just a joy to their family, but everyone who sees them!

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