Mom Of Triplets Shows Off Brand New Physique Only 5 Months After Giving Birth

by Caralynn Lippo
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A young mom has shed virtually every pound of her excess weight only five months after delivering three babies — and now, she’s showing off her incredible transformation.

Ramie Snodgrass is a 35-year-old mom from Tacoma, Washington. She shared her story, alongside before-and-after images, with Caters News. Ramie and her partner, Brad, were surprised to learn that they were having triplets. The couple conceived the children naturally, and they had planned on only one.

“Our plan was to have one baby; we didn’t use fertility assistance, but in our ultrasound initially they were like there’s one, no wait there’s three,” Ramie said.

“I wish I could say my initial reaction was happiness but I was scared, worrying how we would afford and manage with three infants. After that, we realized we were given the biggest miracle and blessing.”

Initially, doctors gave Ramie and Brad the option to selectively reduce the pregnancy, aborting two of the fetuses to give the remaining one the best chance at survival. But the couple opted to move forward with having all three babies. Thankfully, all three survived — Anna (3 lbs., 3 oz.) arrived first, followed by Justin (3 lbs., 8 oz.) and Connor (3 lbs., 7 oz.).

Just five months after delivering the babies, Ramie shared a post with two images: one of her bulging stomach during the triplet pregnancy and a new photo of her postpartum body. The post quickly went viral, as people couldn’t believe how quickly Ramie’s body had shrunk and seemingly “snapped back” to its prepregnancy size.

According to Ramie, her fit physique is all thanks to taking care of Anna, Connor, and Justin. She explained that she regularly lifts them in and out of their cribs, transports large boxes of diapers, pushes their heavy triple stroller, and more. All of these physical activities helped her shed the weight quickly and naturally, as well as maintaining the active lifestyle she’d enjoyed pre-motherhood.

“For me a big fear of having triplets was not being able to do the things I love like running, hiking and more,” she explained. “I wanted to inspire other people and other moms not to give up on the things that are important to you as a person.”

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