Mom Cowers In Shower With Infant Triplets As Hurricane Destroys Every Other Room Around Them

by June Rivers
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Kate Jackson and her fiancé Alex Ashman recently welcomed adorable triplet girls into the world.

The family lives on the beautiful island of Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands.

The triplets were six months old when Hurricane Irma ravaged the island in September 2017.

Kate, Alex and their triplets sought shelter at Kate’s mother’s house as Hurricane Irma rocked the Caribbean. With them was Kate’s sister and family friends Nick and Jayne.

The group ended up in what became the only remaining room of the house, which was a recently constructed bathroom. They cowered together in the shower, trying to keep safe as the house ripped apart around them.

Each woman held one of the six-month-old babies in their arms as the men held a headboard over them.

At one point, they said goodbye to each other.

But a miracle was about to unfold…

Kate Jackson and her fiancé Alex Ashman live on the beautiful island of Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands.

The couple was so excited to learn not only were they expecting a baby, but Kate was pregnant with triplets girls.

After Beatrice, Charlotte and Isabella were born, Kate began advocating for NICU awareness.

Just six months after the triplets entered into the world, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean — and Kate and Alex’s home was in the direct path of the catastrophic storm.

In preparation for Hurrican Irma, Kate, Alex and the six-month-old triplets went to Kate’s mother’s house to seek shelter.

Kate’s sister and friends Nick and Jayne were also there with them, hunkering down and hoping for the best.

Kate’s mother’s house turned out to be a “gauntlet of destruction.”

The terrified group cowered together in the shower, as the recently constructed bathroom became the only remaining room in the home.

The house began to rip apart around them.

As the roof blew off, each woman held tight to one of the triplet babies. The two men held a headboard over them.

They all prayed and said goodbye to one another, fearing they wouldn’t survive the hurricane’s wrath.

From the balcony to the kitchen, the entire home was destroyed.

At this point, the group was trapped inside the bathroom. And as those walls began to crumble, Nick frantically searched for an escape route.

The group continued to pray.

The men kicked out the bathroom window and pulled everyone out of the bathroom and moved them to the generator room.

“I went over to the door to see if there was a way out to get to a solid concrete generator room,” Nick said. “As I twisted the handle it blew open in my face and I saw that there was no longer a house. It was a slow-motion moment. That was like staring at God.”

At this point, the eye of the storm made its way over the house, giving the group enough time to make it to a neighbor’s home which sustained the strong winds.

Kate and Alex lost their home and all of their belongings, but miraculously, everyone including the triplets survived.


In fact, these precious baby girls are amongst the youngest survivors of Hurricane Irma.

After the storm, the story went viral and one of Kate’s friends posted the following updates on Facebook:

“I’m sharing this because the news isn’t covering the British Virgin Islands and no one realizes the extent of this devastation to the island homes of 28,000 people. It is beyond imaginable. It is worse than we could ever imagine. I won’t share the videos of what used to be the Jackson family home, because it is too personal and heartbreaking.”

“Kate Jackson with babies and all have survived Irma. The house was destroyed with the rest of the island, but the greatest miracle of all has occurred. They are alive and well.”

Now, Kate and Alex’s loved ones are raising funds to help them rebuild their lives and replace their possessions as they raise their triplet babies.

If you would like to help this family in any way, please visit the GoFundMe page set up for them.

We are continuing to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Irma, along with the other hurricanes that have recently rocked communities across the world.

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