Couple Cuts Into 3 Identical Cakes, Then Family Loses It When They See Last One Is Pink Inside

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

This isn’t just any gender reveal video. The concept is familiar: a couple is using cakes to reveal their baby’s gender.

But the pregnant mom is expecting triplets, so they used three cakes that, on the outside, looked completely identical! What a fun and exciting idea!

Trying to predict the outcome feels like trying to solve a tricky math problem. What are the odds of there being three boys? Three girls? Or two girls and one boy?

Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, this was a creative way to reveal the genders of these triplets, and their soon-to-be big brother was on hand to see what the results turned out to be!

How exciting for him!

When the video begins, the couple sets the three cakes on the table side-by-side. They are surrounded by family, all anxiously waiting for the triplet cakes to be cut. And just wait until you see — and hear — their reactions when the final cake reveals the third baby’s gender.

You might have to lower your volume a little!

Mom cuts into the first cake, and Dad pulls out the slice.

“Blue!” their little son shouts happily! He was getting a little brother.

It got a bit easier to guess at this point, but I still wasn’t certain. Do you have your guesses for the last two cakes?

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