Boy With Autism Amazes Everyone With His Beautiful Trampoline Art

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Children and adults with autism find themselves locked in their own bodies, unable to express their emotions.

Not everyone with autism suffers this, but some suffer deeply, and their loved ones can only watch from the sidelines as they struggle.

In recent years, there have been many attempts to help children with autism find their voice. Therapy animals can be a great help, like this little boy who found hope with the help of horses. Other children express themselves through art.

Trent has severe autism and expresses almost no verbal communication. His mother says he has always used a pencil to express his artistic gift.

One day his parents caught him on the trampoline, and they were amazed to see what their son had drawn.

Dad starts videotaping Trent as he continues to color on the trampoline with chalk. As he watches Trent drawing, he realizes that Trent is doing all of this upside down! That is some very serious talent.

You can see Trent’s trampoline art in the video below, and more of his work at Drawings by Trent.

[Credit: The Landreth Family]

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