Security Cam Captures Tree Crashing Through Roof On 2 Teen Sisters: ‘The Fridge Saved Our Lives’

by Amy Paige
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Teen sisters Mariah and Ashley Stone were relaxing in the living room at their house in Lusby, Maryland.

They were home alone and watching TV with their dog, just like any other quiet, lazy day.

All of a sudden, the sisters heard an incredibly loud “boom” that sounded like an earthquake. In the blink of an eye, a large tree on their lawn uprooted and came crashing down right over their heads.

In heart-stopping footage captured by family’s Ring security system, you can see the tree pummeling through the roof of their house while Ashley and Mariah scream at the top of their lungs — all the while, trying to protect their precious pup.

Everything fell on top of them — the tree, the ceiling, and the insulation.

The sisters were in shock but managed to call their dad who was at work at the time. He checked the Ring camera and realized their family home had been destroyed.

But most importantly, Mariah, Ashley, and the dog escaped the incident with minor injuries. It was truly a miracle, judging from the wreckage.

Now the family is sharing how grateful they are for one specific home appliance that ultimately saved the sisters’ lives: their refrigerator.

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