Brave Tree Climber Saves Bald Eagle Caught 40 Feet Above

by Melissa Castellanos
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Steve Harding of Timberwolf Tree Service in Campbell River, Canada, may have mastered tree climbing over the years, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier, especially when you have to rescue an American treasure such as a bald eagle.

A bald eagle got entangled in kite string about 40 feet above. It was trapped for at least 10 hours and was hanging on by one wing.

Given the height and intricacy of the job, it was evident that a tree climber was needed, according to the not-for-profit Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS). The organization rescues, rehabilitates, and releases native birds and mammals.

At 6 a.m. the next morning, everyone assembled to watch Harding, who was dedicating his own time and energy to climb up and free the bald eagle.

This wasn’t the first time, however, that Harding dedicated his personal time to help free birds.

Harding’s efforts are reminiscent of many other brave bird rescues, including a man who saved two bald eagles from drowning and a dog that used amazing tracking skills to save a dying bald eagle.

As Harding carefully climbs the tree, the beautiful bald eagle, with its incredible sight, eyeballs him and appears ready to attack and protect itself if necessary.

Harding manages to free the bald eagle unscathed, which was then cared for and monitored for any lasting damage by MARS. The bald eagle was then appropriately named  Timberwolf, in honor of Steve.

Check out Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society’s (MARS) work here.

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