Police Surprise Server With $2,600 After Act Of Kindness

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Recently, a few officers went to grab lunch at the Saltgrass Steak House in Kemah, Texas. When the officers went to order their meals, they noticed a young man sitting in a booth in their section.

The young man, who appeared to be a teenager, kept looking at the officers while he sat in his booth quietly eating his lunch. “We didn’t think anything of it and continued on with our normal lunch routine and conversation,” Kemah police detective Alonzo Soza wrote on Facebook.

But instead of handing the officers their check at the end of the meal, the server came up to their table and told them the anonymous teenager paid their bill. He wanted to show his support for law enforcement.

“It meant a lot to us for someone who doesn’t know us. Who has never seen us or met us or someone who didn’t even acknowledge us,” Soza said.

Police were able to identify the teen. Travis Allen is a student at University of Houston-Clear Lake and also a server at Saltgrass Steak House. He was eating lunch there in his off-hours.

When the department learned of Allen’s difficult past and his future academic goals, they decided to pay the kindness back, tenfold.

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This is Travis Allen. He’s a hard-working college student and server at Saltgrass Steak House in Kemah, Texas.

Recently, Allen went to eat lunch at Saltgrass in his off-hours.

On that particular day, a group of police officers from the Kemah Police Department went to eat lunch together at Saltgrass.

They were seated in Allen’s section, caddy-corner to his table.

Later that day, the department took to Facebook with the following photo and description:

To the young gentleman sitting in this booth at Salt Grass Today during lunch,

Today a few of us officers went to Salt Grass SteakHouse at the Kemah Boardwalk for lunch. As I sat there ordering my meal and as we talked I noticed you looked our direction a few times and quietly sat and ate your meal. We didn’t think anything of it and continued on with our normal lunch routine and conversation. It was only when our server was supposed to bring our check did we learn our meal was paid for. We asked by who so we could thank the person and was informed the person did not want their identity to be known but our server had a huge smile. Now being a detective I called this a clue that she knew who you were. The only thing I was able to determine was that you were also an employee of the restaurant but were there on your own time. So in this we just want to thank you for the very kind gesture of buying our lunch today.

We were told you wanted to pay for our meal to show your support for Law Enforcement and WE VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT! So thank you sir and I hope I run into you again so I can thank you properly in person. Hope you have a great day!

The police department quickly did some digging and learned all about Travis Allen.

They discovered he had had a rough past, and was working hard to achieve his academic goals.

They surprised Allen with a check for $2,600, right there in the Saltgrass parking lot.

“I wasn’t looking for recognition,” Allen told his local news station. “It was to show them that people still care and that not everyone was against them.”

The grateful officers hope the money will help Allen with his education.

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