Parents Quit Their Jobs And Pull Their Daughters Out Of School In Order To Travel The World

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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If I could do anything in the world and didn’t have to worry about money, I would spend all my time traveling.

Most people I know love to travel the world. It’s a great way to experience new places and new cultures. Plus, it’s so much fun!

You meet incredible people while traveling, and you learn so much about yourself and the countries you visit. Unfortunately, it’s not easy or even possible for most people.

Traveling takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, and can be stressful. Imagine how much less stressful it would be if you didn’t have a job, though, and could take your entire family with you every time.

That’s what Chris and Donna Jackson did. They quit their jobs, sold everything they owned, and pulled their children out of school in order to travel the world.

Now, they’re sharing their journey on Instagram.

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[H/T: Mirror]

Chris and Donna Jackson always wanted to travel, but it didn’t seem to be in the books for them.

They both had busy, demanding jobs, and their daughters had school.

Finally, Donna and Chris decided they’d had enough of their stressful lives.

They felt like they weren’t spending enough time with their kids, so they quit their jobs.

After that, they sold everything they owned and pulled their kids out of school.

Each person packed a single suitcase, and off they went to travel the world.

They started their journey in July 2017, and have so far visited five countries.

Chris and Donna believe their kids are getting a better education from their travels than they would at school.

After visiting active volcanoes in Costa Rica, the family was blown away.

Chris told Mirror, “How much can you learn about volcanoes in a classroom, compared to when you can see one right in front of you?”

Donna was inspired to travel when she realized that she didn’t want to have any regrets in life.

She said, “People tend to take things for granted and reach old age talking about the things they should have been doing, rather than the things they were doing.”

The parents also wanted to pull their kids away from material items and encourage them to appreciate the natural world.

They recognize that it can be scary to take the plunge, but it’s totally worth it.

And they haven’t been spending that much money, either!

They’ve been staying at hotels in exchange for social media exposure.

This seems like a pretty great way to grow up; would you ever pull your kids out of school to travel the world?

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