Man Opens Mail To Find Lost ID And $7,000 Bill For Airline Tickets After Getting ‘Pretty Drunk’

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

Does this sound familiar? You get home from a night out with friends, only to realize that you’re missing something very important — your wallet.

It sounds silly to say that your entire life is in a folded piece of leather, but it is kind of true. Of course, it’s incredibly convenient to have all of your money and cards in one place… until you misplace it.

The good thing about losing something like an ID or credit card is that your personal contact information is all there. If a Good Samaritan finds it, they’ll know exactly where to return it.

However, there is obviously the fear that someone who’s less honest picks it up and keeps it for himself — to either steal your identity or make a large purchase.

When William Armstrong misplaced his ID after a night out, he was lucky enough to receive it in the mail a few days later. The only problem was: his lost ID wasn’t the only thing in the envelope.

Will Armstrong happened to be one of the lucky ones whose ID was found by someone that had the decency to return it to its rightful owner.


However, the ID wasn’t all he got back. It came along with one of the things you’d least want to be surprised with — travel documents.

As you can imagine, Will wasn’t exactly thrilled to find anything related to an expensive activity — like flying — along with his ID.

Needless to say, he didn’t have any business travel plans coming up.

When he opened the documents, it was clear that there was something fishy (and pricey) going on.

Will had not booked two roundtrip, first-class tickets to anywhere. Yet, the documents with his name, shown above, state otherwise.

Of course, first-class tickets are no cheap mistake.

The packet included a bill charging Will for the £5,289.87 that he allegedly owed for the purchase.



That’s nearly $7,000 here in the US — about as much as most most people might spend for a vacation lasting an entire month or two, or perhaps on a trip for a whole family.

Then finally, the last piece of paper explains what is actually going on.

The note reads:

We’re just kidding. We found your drivers license (enclosed) outside our shop and thought you might need it. 

Just make sure you consider us for your next holiday. Take care! 


Of course, Will was able to track Steve down by visiting the Flight Centre branch near where his ID went missing.

He may not have been laughing at first, but it looks like all is well that ends well.

Even though Flight Centre played a bit of a cruel joke on Will, I’m sure he will consider his new friends the next time he wants to go on a vacation.

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