How To Easily Turn A Trash Can Into A Meat Smoker!

by Emerald Pellot
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This simple trash can hack is going to totally revamp the way that you cook. With it, you’ll be able to prepare everything from poultry, pork, and briskets to potato salad, oysters, and vegetables. All it takes to make this trash can backyard smoker is a hot plate, a trash can, wood chips, a metal plate, a grill, and your favorite food. If the trash can isn’t your cup of tea, trying making this BBQ brick house in your backyard.

Tom Mylan, executive butcher and co-owner of the Meat Hook restaurant in New York City, shows us how to combine these simple materials to smoke a nice slab of pork shoulder. First, create a hole in the trash can so that the hot plate plug can poke out of it. Next, place the hot plate in the trash can. Place wood chips in the metal plate, then put the plate on the stove. Fit the grill into the trash can, and place your favorite food on the grill. Then, wait out the next few hours. Just like that, you’ve got your favorite smokey meat.

To see this project in more detailed steps, watch Tom Mylan’s video below. Have you ever tried smoking meat in your backyard? Let us know in the comments!

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