People On The Street Freeze When They See This Sculpture Of A Homeless Man In A Trash Bag

by Angela Cook
Angela is a writer from New York City who loves existential conversation, songwriting, and practicing yoga. She graduated from the City College Of New York with a focus in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. She believes that every art-form has the ability to inspire and influence, and plans to accomplish that within her writing.

Maxwell Rushton is a sculpture artist with a pretty huge message.

One day, Rushton walked out of a shop, tripped over a trash bag, and spun around and apologized to it, thinking it was a homeless person.

He said that a weird sense of dread followed him around for a few weeks. From that weird feeling stemmed a creative idea that he couldn’t ignore.

Maxwell wanted to create a visual cue that would deliver that same impact to others. An impact that would give the public an unexpected experience, that could hopefully help them change how they feel about homeless people.

It is people like Maxwell Rushton and Derrell Martin, who helped make brown-bag lunches for the homeless, that can help the general population be more empathetic to the situations of others, as opposed to ignoring them like they don’t exist.

This sculpture stands as a message for people who view the homeless as disposable as garbage. Which although sad, is a truth that needs to be realized — and changed.

While looking at this sculpture is disturbing, it’s reassuring to see people in this clip walk up to it and touch it, essentially checking if the person wrapped in a trash bag is okay or needs help.

More than 100 million people were homeless worldwide in 2015. In 2030, UN-Habitat predicts that forty percent of the world’s population will need to access to housing.

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