Woman Can’t Seem To Sit On Her Inflatable Flamingo, Then She Gets Stuck And Needs Lifeguards

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

Who knew a pink flamingo boat could cause somebody so much trouble?

A lady had a hard time trying to make herself comfortable when going into the water at the beach with her pink flamingo inflatable boat.

It took the woman a solid couple of minutes to finally get herself settled and floating on the flamingo.

What makes the whole ordeal even better is the unfortunate floater’s daughter behind the camera filming the experience. She simply cannot keep her laughter down!

After she finally does settle herself and is calmly floating in the waters, suddenly she’s stuck in the very boat that gave her all the trouble in the first place!

It became such a hassle that a couple of lifeguards had to go in the water and help the poor lady get her bearings together.

What an ordeal to go through when you just wanted to relax and chill in the sun for a bit! Well, at least maybe next time the lady now knows how to get in her little pink boat without getting stuck.

This will surely be a funny reminder of how not to get into a boat for the future.

Have you ever gotten stuck in an inflatable boat or any other swimming toy like this lady? Let us know!

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