Wife Buys A Used 1968 Sprite Camper, Then Spends 7 Months Transforming It

by Emerald Pellot
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Jolie bought a used 1968 vintage Sprite camper on the cheap. The caravan was originally built in England but made its way to Jolie and her husband.

They spent the next seven months completely renovating the tiny camper. Although it was in good condition, it still would be a bit of a doozy.

“When shopping around for the right camper, we paid a bit more for one that was well taken care of. However, with something that’s 46 years old, you can expect to repair a few things,” Jolie wrote on her blog Vintage Meets Glam. “We replaced some of the Masonite walls where there had been water damage in the past, and while we had the wall open we replaced the fiberglass insulation and sealed it back up.”

The vehicle had water damage, flaking paint, and a damaged interior. The couple had to remove all of the original caulking and cover it with sealant.

Jolie completely redid the interior, renovating the cupboards, adding a backsplash, and swapping out the old fabrics.

Lastly, they painted the exterior a beautiful white and green. The camper went from looking like a dusty old artifact to a glamorous camper good enough to live in.

The couple plans on using the camper for trips. What do you think of this incredible transformation? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Credit: Vintage Meets Glam / Facebook

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