17 Genius Ways To Use Old Cinder Blocks To Transform Your Home And Backyard

by Phil Mutz
Phil is an Editor at LittleThings. He loves writing and the outdoors. You can often find him at the movies or the park.

Upcycling ideas are my favorite kinds of DIY projects. Anytime I can transform something that has been taking up space in my garage into something new and useful, I am excited to give it a try.

I’ve heard about creative ideas like repurposing old picture frames but I never thought that old building materials such as cinder blocks could be so perfect for my next DIY project.

Leftover cinder blocks might seem like junk at first glance, but there are seemingly endless possibilities for upcycling them into something new. They can be repurposed to live inside or outside, in the bedroom, or on the patio. They add a great rustic flair to my home that will have all of my guests talking.

I will definitely be trying several of these ideas right away!

Scroll through below to see these cool and creative ideas, and let us know your favorites in the comments.

1. Turn Them Into A Beautiful, New Outdoor Staircase

creative uses for cinder blocks stairs

Not only is this staircase affordable, but the natural color and grain of the cinder blocks also lend a subtle and natural aesthetic that will level up your garden.

2. Create A Cool Entertainment Center With Plenty Of Storage

creative uses for cinder blocks tv stand

If you love stuff to put your stuff in, it doesn’t get much better than this. Look at all the cubbies! You can customize the configuration to your heart’s contentment, creating the perfect focal point for your next binge-watching session.

3. Make Yourself An Outdoor Patio Bench

creative uses for cinder blocks bench

Cinder blocks might not be the world’s most comfortable material to sit on, but add a few throw pillows and a cuddly blanket and voilà — affordable, portable, and comfy enough.

4. Create An Elaborate Backyard Garden

creative uses for cinder blocks garden

Do you have more time and cinder blocks than you know what to do with? Revamp your backyard garden by playing your own real-life version of Minecraft!

5. Use 3 Blocks To Make A Bedside Table

creative uses for cinder blocks night table

Hey, what can we say? This is better than the milk crate system that got you through your first apartment. And again: cubbies. As an added bonus, cinder blocks are porous, which means that you won’t damage your nightstand by spilling your nighttime glass of water.

6. Create Support And Under-Bed Storage

creative uses for cinder blocks bed storage

You’re going to stub your toe on the bed frame anyway — you know you are — so it might as well provide some shoe storage while it gets your mattress off the floor.

7. Invite Friends Over To Barbecue In A New Fire Pit

creative uses for cinder blocks fire pit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? For not a lot of money and minimal effort, you can make a decent fire pit with just a shovel, a few fire-proof tiles, and a grip of cinder blocks.

8. Spruce Up The Backyard With Colorful Benches

creative uses for cinder blocks firepit seating

The other great thing about cinder blocks is that they are a blank canvas. Go nuts and paint yourself up a new patio set. Extra points for making them look a little like shabby-chic Legos.

9. Create A Futon With Storage Cubbies For Shoes

creative uses for cinder blocks futon

You truly never can have enough shoe storage or seating. With a thick padded cushion to sit or lie on and complementary throw pillows, a stack of cinder blocks can make for an excellent futon couch/sleeper with so many cubbies.

10. Make A Bookshelf With Plenty Of Room For Decorations

creative uses for cinder blocks book shelf

Ah, here we find the purest form of cinder block furniture: the bookshelf. The hollow centers of the blocks make for excellent display surfaces for all your treasures and knickknacks.

11. Build A Backyard Wall, Complete With Vertical Planters

creative uses for cinder blocks vertical planter

This is a for-real weekend project that you can feel great about. Build a wall — but in a cool way. Placing the cinder blocks in a perpendicular direction will give you little outcroppings that are perfect shelves.

12. Include Planters As Part Of Your Outdoor Bar Construction

creative uses for cinder blocks planter and bar

Cinder blocks also make excellent planters. The only thing cooler than having an outdoor bar is having an outdoor bar with plants.

13. Plant Your Favorite Flowers In A Pyramid Cinder Block Garden

creative uses for cinder blocks vertical garden

Get your Q*bert on with a stylish planter construction that will be the envy of the neighborhood. For added oomph, color-coordinate a variety of plants in the cinder blocks.

14. Create A Whole Outdoor Buffet For Patio Barbecues

creative uses for cinder blocks outdoor patio

Entertain all summer long by building yourself an outdoor buffet space. That way, as soon as something comes off the grill, you can toss it on a serving plate and let your guests come ‘n’ get it.

15. Make Yourself Ample Seating For Any Summer Party

creative uses for cinder blocks bench area

“There are way too many places to sit and put stuff,” said no one ever at a summertime get-together. Create a customizable seating area with ample surfaces to set a glass or a plate.

16. Create Unique Outdoor Lighting For Evenings In The Backyard

creative uses for cinder blocks outdoor candles

Practical, sturdy, and chic — with just the right smidge of bougie — this lighting display will create a warm and natural glow. Everyone looks better in candlelight. The more candles, the better we look.

17. Build A Complete Cinder Block Furniture Set With Armchairs And A Couch

creative uses for cinder blocks furniture set

The centerpiece of your patio could be this cinder block patio set. Comprised of chairs with arms (upon which you can set your drink, your snack, or your phone) and a sturdy and stout fire pit perfect for roasting s’mores, this could be the hearth and gathering place that your home has so desperately needed.