Woman Spots Dog Acting Strangely In Neighborhood, Then Starts Filming Him Bouncing Up And Down

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

All dog owners know their four-legged friends can act a little strange from time to time, but the Scottish woman who caught this canine having a blast in his backyard, bouncing away on a trampoline, was probably not expecting such a hilarious sight.

In the Clackmannanshire neighborhood, in Scotland, a woman was taking her own dog for a walk when she stumbled upon this funny dog. The dog appeared to be trying to get a better look at the pair as they walked by.

This funny dog reminds me of how my dog rushes to the window every time she hears even the smallest noise from outside, but I don’t think she’s quite brave enough to go to these heights on a trampoline for a good view.

Of course, it’s all of those silly quirks that make us love our pets so much in the first place — like the sweet Jack Russell who couldn’t contain his energy while participating in a dog competition.

I’m just glad the woman was quick enough with her phone to film this goofy guy and share him with the rest of us! Although, by the looks of it, he could have just kept on bouncing for as long as the woman wanted to stand there giggling at his antics.

Do you think your dog would ever do something like this to get a better look at strangers walking by?

Take a look at the clip below. I have a feeling you’ll be laughing just as much as the lady behind the camera.

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