California Woman Explodes With Rage At Trader Joe’s After Being Told To Wear A Mask

by Amy Paige
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Trader Joe’s recently opened its new location in Los Angeles, and shoppers eagerly lined up on opening day to get their groceries.

California has made it mandatory to wear face masks in public, and so the staff made sure to place signs outside the new store to remind people about the rules.

One unnamed woman stood outside in the line and was told to put her mask on, which she did. But as soon as she entered the doors, she reportedly removed it.

When the woman was confronted by another shopper, she unleashed a rage-filled tirade upon the staffers and customers.

While claiming she had a breathing problem and was excused from wearing a mask by her doctor, she began screaming in the frozen aisle.

She shouted profanity, called the other shoppers all sorts of nasty names, and said her rights were being violated.

The woman was asked to leave the store multiple times.

The troubling incident was caught on camera by actor D. Giles. “I was on line to check out in the middle of the store and noticed when she came in because she took her mask off and held her phone up to start recording video of everyone in the store,” he told “Then I saw her grab the basket and start ‘shopping’ but was really just moving around to get close to people.”

Watch the encounter in the clip below.

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