Dad-To-Be Finds Out He’s Having A Son, Then Becomes ‘Toy Story Dad’ After Baby Is Born

by Angela Andaloro

Tucker Bohman is not your average Disney fan. He’s been a lifelong fan of the Toy Story franchise, and now he’s taken his fandom to infinity and beyond with his 1-year-old son, Beckham.

It began when Tucker found out that he and wife Rachel were expecting a little boy. They decided to do a fun gender reveal, featuring a photo of the couple as part of a movie poster for “Boy” Story, letting family and friends know they had a little guy on the way.

The first shot of Beckham on Instagram featured him in a Woody onesie, surrounded by stuffed animals of other Toy Story characters. The adorable photo marked the beginning of a many Disney-themed photo shoots, and before he knew it, Tucker became @ToyStoryDad.

The couple started posting pictures of baby Beckham all decked out in costumes they made, and the family even ventured to Disneyland a few times thanks to their season passes. “We seriously just love what we do,” Tucker told PopSugar in an interview. “It is A LOT of work designing and creating these costumes, but the joy we spread around the world makes it more than worth it.”

Tucker and Rachel posted this sweet gender reveal after finding out they were welcoming a boy.

This is the first picture Tucker and Rachel shared of Beckham, dressed as Woody from Toy Story and posing with some stuffed animals from the film.

Friends and family loved the adorable costume so much that Tucker and Rachel began buying Beckham Disney-themed outfits.

They quickly ran into a problem when they realized there were far more costume options for little girls than little boys, so they started making their own costumes.

They posted the adorable shots to Instagram, and their follower count slowly grew. They noticed the impact when they first visited Disneyland with Beckham.

Disney fans are a tight-knit bunch, but Tucker didn’t realize how much until that trip. “We had crowds around us of people trying to take his picture. And people recognized us… I only had like 900 followers, but there were people there who knew who we were,” he told CBS News.

Their followers continued to grow over the first year of Beckham’s life. They currently have over 33,000 followers.

The cute costumes have featured a wide range of Disney characters, and the Bohmans are constantly exploring new ideas.

While Tucker does a lot of the actual Instagramming, he credits his wife for getting him deeper into Disney fandom and doing a lot of the work making these adorable costumes.

“Funny thing is, I had never been to Disneyland until I got married five years ago. I liked Disney, but didn’t really know this whole world existed… My wife converted me,” he explained.

The Utah-based family now has season passes to Disneyland and tries to visit every two months.

What’s awesome is that Beckham loves the costumes as much as his parents love dressing him up. He’s also definitely developing an appreciation for Disney overall.

Despite wearing a lot of costumes from classic movies, his favorite Disney movie right now is Coco.

The Bohmans have no plans of slowing down the onslaught of adorable photos. “We will just keep working hard, making people smile and see where this path takes us,” they shared with Babble.

In a world where it seems like there’s unsettling news at every corner, we can all use more of the lighthearted, adorable fun that the Bohmans bring to our feeds. We hope that just like Peter Pan, Beckham is in no rush to grow up.