15 Of The Toughest Dog Toys For Serious Chewers Under $18

by Rachel Gariepy
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My dog loves toys more than any other dog I have ever known. He plays with them so readily and so enthusiastically, it’s almost like he knows that’s what the humans want him to do.

He throws them around delightedly as I watch. He shakes them vigorously, and then he begins to dissect them. If anybody else out there has a dog who dissects even the toughest dog toys, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He doesn’t just chew his toys. He makes a concerted effort to tear them asunder, limb from fluff-stuffed limb.

This means I can’t purchase just any toy. There really is no point in buying him things that will be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

He needs toys that are extra-durable and can withstand the damage inflicted by his powerful jaws. I have spent a lot of time and money searching for toys that can survive my insatiable pooch. In my unending quest for the indestructible, I have cultivated a list of the most durable and engaging toys for my pooch pal, and I thought I’d share this precious intel so you don’t end up buying something for your pet that won’t last.

Here are 15 tough toys for hard-core chewers, and they all cost less than $18!

Kong Classic Dog Toy

kong classic

Let’s start with a classic. The Kong is one of the best interactive and tough dog toys out there. This classic style can be filled with soft treats or peanut butter for hours of fun!

Shop Now: The Kong Classic (Chewy, $12.99).

Invincibles Stuffingless Plush Snake

snake dog toy

Invincibles has some great options for dogs who love plush toys and parents who don’t want stuffing strewn all over the house. This blue-and-green squeaking snake is a great option.

Shop Now: The Invincibles Plush Snake (Walmart, $8.31).

Nylabone Real Wood Chew Toy

nylabone wood toy

This large dog toy from Nylabone is perfect for dogs over 50 pounds who love to chew on sticks. You can give them this, and they won’t get wood chips all over the house!

Shop Now: The Nylabone Wood Chew Toy (Target, $11.99).

Wild One Twist Toss

Wild One Twist Toss

My dog loves chasing this thing around as it bounces erratically throughout the house. Even better if we put some peanut butter in it so he can lick it out.

Shop Now: The Wild One Twist Toy (Wild One, $18).

Kong Wubba

kong wubba

This is the perfect option for small dogs who love to chew and tug. The Kong Wubba will keep your pooch playing for hours, and when you’re ready to join in, you can tug-of-war with the best of them!

Shop Now: The Kong Wubba (My Pet Warehouse, $14.99).

Tonka Tri-Stack Tread Feeder

Tonka Tri-Stack Tread Feeder

Entertain your furry friend by stuffing this Tonka Tread Feeder with treats, then watch as your pooch tries to get them out. The tire treads make it easy for your pal to get a good grip.

Shop Now: The Tonka Tread-Feeder (Petco, $12.99).

Dog Ness Monster

dog ness monster toy

A legendary folk-tale character makes the perfect playmate for your pooch. The mixed rubber and nylon design make this dog toy nearly indestructible.

Shop Now: The Dog Ness Monster (Bark Shop, $14).

Elk Antler Dog Chew

Elk Antler Dog Chew

If you haven’t given your dog an elk antler yet, you don’t know what your pup is missing. This durable chew is made in the USA from real elk antler.

Shop Now: The Elk Antler (Chewy, $11.69).

Bark Super-Chewer Rubber Ring

Bark Super-Chewer Rubber Ring

This nearly indestructible ring toy is made with a strong nylon core, so it can stand up to the powerful jaws of any bully breed.

Shop Now: The Rubber Ring Toy (Target, $16.99).

Nylabone Souper Dura Chew Chicken-Flavored Bone

nylabone chicken chew

These textured bones are great for your dog to really sink his teeth in. This one is chicken-flavored, but they come in a variety of other flavors. Go ahead and pick your favorite!

Shop Now: The Nylabone Chicken Chew (Petco, $9.49).

Yellow Giraffe Rope Toy

Yellow Giraffe Rope Toy

Rope toys are a great option if you want something cute but not full of stuffing. This adorable giraffe is just the ticket!

Shop Now: The Yellow Rope Giraffe (Walmart, $12.89).

Treat Lock Tread Ball

treat lock tread ball

Give your pup a bit of a challenge and fill up this all-natural rubber treat holder with your dog’s favorite nibbles. Watch your doggo stay engaged for hours.

Shop Now: The Treat Ball (Bark Shop, $14).

Outback Jack Water Buffalo Horn

Outback Jack Water Buffalo Horn

Made from 100% natural water buffalo, this high-protein, low-in-fat option can be safely ingested by your little chew machine with zero worries whatsoever.

Shop Now: The Water Buffalo Horn (Chewy, $14.24).


Kong Interactive Jumbler

kong jumbler

The perfect interactive dog toy for dogs of any size. This rubber ball has two handles, perfect for pooch-on-pooch play or with any willing human!

Shop Now: The Kong Jumbler (Target, $13.99).

Fire Hose Fetcher

Fire Hose Fetcher

I swear by any dog toy made from the same durable material as a fire hose. It is virtually impossible for your dog to bite through this fetch/tug toy.

Shop Now: The Firehose Fetcher (Walmart, $14.89).

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