Farmer Watches As His 12-Year-Old Dog Is Tossed Around By A Tornado, But Then He Finds Him Alive

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I’ve lived in the Northeast my entire life, so I’ve never experienced a tornado, but I know from videos and news stories how terrifying and devastating they can be. When tornadoes hit, they often destroy homes, buildings, and lives.

A tornado in North Carolina did just that when it tore through Davie County, a county located in the center of the state.

In one terrifying moment, the tornado actually picked up a dog and tossed him 1,000 feet.

Lewis Vannoy, a Davie County resident, watched in horror as his 12-year-old Australian shepherd, Duke, was picked up by the fast-moving tornado. In one of the worst moments of Lewis’ life, the tornado swept up Duke and “tossed [him] just like a ragdoll.”

When the storm cleared, Lewis went on a desperate search for his companion, fearing the worst.

Miraculously, Lewis found Duke. Alive.

Duke was in severe pain, crying out, and struggling to walk — but he was alive. Lewis got Duke to the vet, and amazingly, the resilient dog is “going to have a full recovery.” Duke had a broken leg and a damaged retina, but three weeks after the tornado, he is finally back with Lewis.

Sadly, Lewis lost his entire home in the tornado, which he will have to rebuild. Despite the tragedy, Lewis feels lucky to be alive and reunited with Duke.

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Footage provided by WGHP

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