Top Five Hilarious Baby Announcements That Will Leave You In Stitches

by Melissa Castellanos
Melissa Castellanos is a passionate storyteller with a huge heart and a great sense of humor. Through her work at Coulter Press/Telegram & Gazette, MetroWest Daily News,, CBS This Morning, CBS Sunday Morning and, she has been able to amplify the voices, unwavering spirits and creative contributions of her subjects.

These days, announcing your pregnancy to your friends and family has gotten really creative with the presence of iPhones, YouTube, and social media, etc. In good fun, it seems as though couples are trying to top each other by capturing priceless reactions to their baby news. Well, keep them coming Moms and Dads-to-be because they are hilarious and we all love to see them!

In one of the latest and hysterical video compilations titled, “Top 5 Baby Announcements,” grandparents-to-be and a great grandmother-to-be are completely beside themselves and over the moon to hear the news of a new addition to the family.

From blood-curdling screams to jumping for joy and falling to the floor, the reactions are truly something else. One spunky grandmother-to-be is so surprised that she can’t hold her bowels and says, “I just pooped my pants!” (The daughter’s friend looks mortified!)

The great grandmother-to-be also has a hilarious reaction as she sits at the head of the table, surrounded by friends and family. She lifts her arms up in the air as though it’s her own personal victory, like she’s graduating onto great grandmother-hood!

Capturing baby announcements is truly awesome and reminiscent of a couple who surprised their relatives with an interview-like way to share their unexpected baby news and a daughter who surprised her parents with a baby bib to tell them she’s pregnant.

Grandparents and great grandparents rock! They are so deserving of their moment to shine — and to get a chance to go viral on the internet (even if some of them aren’t familiar with technology!) After all, they have earned it and will continue to do so not just as caregivers, but also as powerful influencers in their grandchildren and great grandchildren’s lives.

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