Bullies Called Her ‘Tooth Lady,’ Then She Gets New Teeth And Totally Transforms

by Kate Taylor
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When Gemma Swift was 6 years old, she suffered a horrific accident that negatively impacted the rest of her life by seriously damaging her front teeth.

Gemma had to deal with bullies throughout her entire life, but at one point it became seriously debilitating. As a result, she appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, a British version of The Jerry Springer Show, to confront one woman who was giving her a particularly hard time.

When Gemma first appeared on the show in 2015, she wanted to confront her boyfriend’s ex, who was cruelly making fun of her and her appearance. At the time, Gemma pleaded, “Stop harassing me.”

Unfortunately, the internet seemed to side with the mean ex, according to an account by HuffPost UK. Twitter and various other social media channels exploded, attacking Gemma for her teeth.

In response to the public’s reaction, the show decided to shell out over $12,000 to fund a complete dental makeover for Gemma. 

After the makeover, Gemma appeared again on the show to reveal her new smile. Finally, Gemma received the response from the public that she deserved and she was praised for the transformation.

Most importantly, Gemma was finally happy with her appearance and is more confident than ever because she is now comfortable opening her mouth and smiling.

Watch the emotional transformation in the video below!

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