Mom Receives Hateful Letter Saying She’s Too Fat To Wear Leggings, But She Gets Ultimate Revenge

by Nadine DeNinno
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The debate about wearing leggings as pants will always be up for discussion. Some believe it’s a comfortable way to dress practically while others believe yoga pants are strictly for the gym.

Some hateful people even believe women of a certain size are the only ones allowed to wear leggings, which is exactly what happened to a woman in Florida.

Kelley Markland wore her favorite pair of leggings for a birthday dinner party. She said they made her feel confident while still feeling like fashionable attire.

Days later, she received a letter in the mail that not only shocked her, it also garnered a surprising response when she posted it on Facebook for all to see.

An anonymous person actually mailed a letter to her home address with a hateful photo and message, telling her she was not allowed to wear leggings.

Courtesy Kelley Markland

Kelley Markland posted the note for the world to see.

Courtesy Kelley Markland

“So, I came home from celebrating a fun birthday dinner for Mia and we were all so happy! I open my mail to find this envelope with a silly picture (not me in that picture BTW) and a note. Apparently, I weigh 300 pounds and I shouldn’t wear leggings anymore,” she wrote.

Courtesy Kelley Markland

She went on: “Anyone who knows me knows that I care deeper and stronger than many. I am a sensitive woman and I despise cruelty towards others. At 36 years old, I am STILL being made fun of.”

Courtesy Kelley Markland

Markland still does not know who sent the note.

“Whoever sent this, be an adult and tell me who you are. JUST TELL ME!!!” she wrote. “I have never pretended to be pretty or look good in clothing, I have never tried to be flashy or show off. Wearing my ‘fun’ leggings gave me a tad bit of confidence in not looking sloppy all the time. I’m sorry that some of you may not like it, but I’m not dressing for you.”

Courtesy Kelley Markland

While she said the note made her “feel like absolute, complete sh*t,” there’s a happy ending to this story.

Markland told the Huffington Post that not only did many reach out to offer support and share similar experiences, women also posted photos of themselves in leggings on her page. Love And Limes Photography also reached out to do a special photo shoot to honor Markland wearing — you guessed it — leggings!

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