Tom Hanks’ Story About Why He Was Denied Beer At Stagecoach Is Legit The Highlight Of This Week

by Angela Andaloro

Tom Hanks is quite the busy guy. He has a number of projects in the works, some as an actor and some as a producer.

He’s also got two big films coming out this year that he stars in, Toy Story 4 and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. But no matter what’s on Tom’s plate, he always puts his family first. Late last month, that meant suiting up for a good old-fashioned country music festival in support of his wife, Rita Wilson.

Many people are familiar with Rita as an actress, but her music career has made some waves as well. Rita’s lifelong interest in music led her to record her first album in 2012.

She put out her fourth album in March. That led her to a gig at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California, last month. Of course, Tom was there to support her. During a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tom shared a funny story from that day about his struggle to buy a beer.

tom hanks

Tom Hanks has had a tremendous career that shows no signs of slowing down. He isn’t the only star in his marriage, however.

Tom has been married to Rita Wilson for 31 years. Although most people know Rita for her acting, she has also been embarking on a career in music.

Rita’s style is a combination of classic rock and country. She released her first album, AM/FM, in 2012. She released a second album in 2016.

In March, Rita released her latest album, Halfway to Home. She’ll be touring in support of the album this summer.

Late last month, Rita performed at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California. The performance came just a month after Rita received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Of course, Tom went to the festival to support her. One of the show’s dates fell on their 31st wedding anniversary.

The festival seemed to be a blast, but there was one little hiccup. Tom talked about the experience during a recent appearance on Ellen.

“It was magnificent,” Tom said of watching Rita perform. “What’s great about that is there’s music all day long. So you just kind of go from one venue to the next.”

There was one little hiccup, however. Apparently, Tom had a tough time getting a beer, as he explained to Ellen.

“I wanted to have a nice tasty bucket of suds,” Tom explained. “So I went to the place where you get the beer from, and there were four ladies who were serving it up, and I stood up and I said, ‘Pull me a draw!’ And they said, ‘We can’t because your ID has not been verified.'”

tom hanks rita wilson stagecoach

Tom was a little confused by the festival’s process. “‘It says ‘Beer for Sale’ here and I’ve come to ask for a beer and you’re not going to give me one because, what, you think I’m underage?!'” he recalled.

Tom didn’t want to pull the Hollywood card, but he sort of had to. “I said, ‘I’m 62 years old, and you know my name, so I think I should be able to get a beer,'” he laughed.

rita wilson tom hanks stagecoach

Tom even resorted to some attempts at bribery. “I must give credit to these ladies: They did not cave!” he said. “I was offering them tickets to stuff… I said, ‘You will come to the Toy Story premiere with me! Just go like that with a red solo cup underneath and let me walk away with a beer!’ And they would not allow it.”

Tom did get his beer; it just took a while. “Eventually a guy came over about a half hour later… and he gave me a bracelet, and then guess what I did? I chugged me a brewski.”