Designer Wins $10,000 By Creating Stunning Wedding Dress Out Of Toilet Paper

by Karen Ruffini
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As a little girl, you often dream about your wedding gown. Whether it’s a delicate lace sheath or a beautiful satin ball gown, the fabric itself plays an important role in your picture-perfect dress.

But what about a dress made from a common household item, like toilet paper?

The 12th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin allows contestants to only use toilet paper, glue, tape, a needle ,and thread to construct their gowns.

Of the 1,500 talented designers who entered their gowns to be considered, only 10 were selected to be in the competition.

You have to watch the video and see how incredible these gowns are!

Not only are they very well-made, but they are jaw-droppingly beautiful!

I love to see people being innovative with clothing — like this couple who went to their prom in duct tape — and these wedding gowns are no exception.

New York resident Van Tran ultimately took first place, along with a $10,000 reward and an all-expenses paid trip to any U.S. city with a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museum.

“I actually just recently moved to New York and was inspired by the snowstorm that I recently saw. I was like, what happens when you have a winter wedding, it’s beautiful. What would you wear? So I definitely developed a snow queen kind of type,” said Tran.

What a perfect addition this dress would be to an out-of-the-box wedding day!

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