Reluctant Toddler Gets Her Hair Cut For The First Time

by C.B. Dionne
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You just never know how a toddler is going to react to his or her first haircut. No matter how many toys or screens you have, they don’t seem to distract children from the fact that a pair of scissors is coming to cut part of them off. Understandably, not all of them like it.

Judy’s daughter Julianna was one toddler who did not like getting her hair cut for the first time. At first, this cute tyke was excited about the merry-go-round seat where she would be receiving her haircut, and later distracted by the cartoons on her own little TV. When the hairdresser starts to cut her hair, though, she definitely does not love it. (All the haircut action starts at 6:35.)

Julianna doesn’t throw too much of a fit in the traditional crying and screaming front, but she does try to duck the scissors and get as far away from her hairdresser as possible. She even tries to shield her hair with her hands. It is pretty adorable, and Judy captures it all on her daily vlog.

To be fair, even some grown-ups get nervous before their first haircut — like this woman who grew her hair six feet long before cutting it, or this woman who didn’t get her hair cut until she was 22!

In the end, this little girl’s hair looks so cute after the cut, and considering it was her first one, she was pretty brave.

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