Plane Passenger Records Toddler Screaming On 8-Hour Flight And Says Mom Seemed ‘Used To It’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Passengers on an eight-hour transatlantic flight from Germany to the United States endured what’s reportedly been called a “flight from hell” and are wondering how the nightmare even came to be.

Shane Townley, one of the plane’s passengers, shot a video of a toddler who didn’t stop screaming for the entirety of the ride.

The nonstop screaming and fussing from the 3-year-old prompted many grumbles and angry looks from those in the vicinity, but according to Shane, who spoke to Inside Edition, the mom looked unfazed, like this was just another day. She apparently even told flight attendants that her son had “behavioral problems.”

“She kind of looked like she was used to it,” Shane said. “He was climbing the chairs. He would not let up. He was running up and down the aisles and there was nothing she could do.”

The mother reportedly tried telling him to calm down and even asked a flight attendant to turn on the Wi-Fi so that her son could be appeased with an iPad.

But nothing seemed to work, and passengers were only relieved once the plane landed at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Parenting expert Lyss Stern told Inside Edition that there are ways that can help calm down a child on flights, such as having a favorite book or toy on hand, snacks, and having their favorite songs or movies downloaded on an iPad.

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Photos: Inside Edition

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