Toddler Finally Reunites With Stolen Puppy After Simon Cowell Steps In To Offer $14,000 Reward

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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In December 2017, toddler Edward Latter had the worst day of his young life. His border terrier puppy, Morse, was stolen from outside his house.

Morse slipped out of the house one day, and cruel thieves picked him up, probably to use as a stud.

The family was absolutely devastated. Edward (who was age 2 at the time) even wrote a note to Santa, saying the only thing he wanted for Christmas was to get his dog back.

When Simon Cowell heard about what happened to Morse, he knew he had to step in to help. He offered a £10,000 (nearly $14,000) for Morse’s safe return.

Well, it seems like Morse was working hard to get back to his owners too, because in mid-January 2018, he finally made it back to his family.

A couple found a muddy little dog walking through the street and realized it might be the stolen puppy, so they contacted the Latter family.

Photos: Eastnews Press Agency; Wikimedia / Alison Martin

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morse mutt
Eastnews Press Agency

In December, 10-month-old Morse slipped out of his family home and was snatched by thieves.

His family was devastated, especially 3-year-old Edward.

letter to santa
Eastnews Press Agency

After the dog was gone for a few weeks and nobody had seen him, the Latter family was convinced he was gone forever.

Even though Edward asked Santa to bring Morse back, they didn’t think it would actually happen.

simon cowell reward
Eastnews Press Agency

People all over the world heard about Morse — even Simon Cowell!

And when Simon found out about the puppy, he decided to offer a £10,000 reward.

He knows how important dogs are to people’s lives, and he couldn’t imagine Morse not returning home.

missing morse
Eastnews Press Agency

Everyone had given up hope that Morse would ever be found, but on the evening of January 12, 2018, they got a surprising phone call.

A couple 20 miles away were pretty sure they had found Morse!

latter family
Eastnews Press Agency

The couple brought Morse inside, cleaned him up, and sent a photo of the pup to the Latter family.

The Latters immediately hopped in the car to find out if the dog was in fact Morse.

edward morse
Eastnews Press Agency

Edward knew immediately that it was Morse, but his parents weren’t entirely sure. It wasn’t until they brought him to get his chip scanned that they were positive it was truly their puppy.

And little Edward couldn’t be happier.

morse family
Eastnews Press Agency

He was thrilled to have his puppy back, and his family couldn’t contain their joy.

Edward and his parents completely broke down, and they all started crying and hugging each other and the dog.

morse home
Eastnews Press Agency

Michelle Holt, who found Morse, is a hero. She explained to Daily Mail:

“I was so pleased. We didn’t know anything about any of the media attention. I was just so pleased they have got their little dog back, because having a dog ourselves for years, we know if we lost him we would be heartbroken.

“They were really lovely people, genuine people, and it felt really good to be able to get him back home.”

morse beach
Eastnews Press Agency

Sweet Morse seems excited to be home, too.

Before the Holts found him, he was wandering in the streets, soaking wet and muddy. Thank goodness someone spotted him!

morse edward dad
Eastnews Press Agency

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