Pregnant Mom Catches Her 15-Month-Old Daughter Making Fun Of The Way She Walks

by Paul Morris
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This mom might be six months pregnant, but it seems she’s already making quite the impression on her little toddler!

Anyone who has ever seen a pregnant woman before will quickly see just how perfect this little girl’s imitation truly is. It seems like she’s been keeping such a close eye on the way her pregnant mom walks that she’s managed to copy it in the cutest way possible.

They say that kids pay close attention to us grown-ups, and this video is proof. She pushes her stomach out as far as it will go and begins to waddle, just how her mom does. It’s pretty adorable to watch, and even though she’s “making fun” of her mom’s silly way of walking, it seems like her amazing mother is in on the joke and can’t hold back her laughter.

We especially love the way she holds her little hands up. This little girl should begin practicing her Oscar acceptance speech because it’s quite clear that if she’s able to copy her mom so perfectly at only 15 months old, then she’s got quite a future ahead of her in the acting world!

It really doesn’t get much cuter than this — wouldn’t you just love to play with this little angel in person? It’s pretty obvious that she’s going to grow up with quite a big and hilarious personality!

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