Toddler Helps With Salad But Mom Sparks Controversy When He Grabs Giant Knife And Starts Cutting

by Amy Paige
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A mom named Kathleen Frank uploaded a home video to Facebook entitled “Kathleen’s capable boy.” In it, her 2-year-old son, Quincy, is assisting her with meal prep before dinnertime.

It’s not uncommon for the toddler to help his mom out in the kitchen, whether he’s cracking eggs or mixing cake batter. Kathleen says it’s a great way to actively involve her son in engaging with household activities. “I think being given meaningful chores in family life communicates that you too, even as a toddler, have a role to play and a contribution to make,” she told

In this particular clip, which is going viral and causing quite a stir, Quincy is filmed helping Kathleen make a salad for dinner.

But before he gets to the dressing part, he picks up a large chopping knife and begins slicing a cucumber into chunks.

Kathleen says Quincy has had experience with knives before and is always supervised by an adult. He first learned how to cut food with a banana and butter knife, and over time Kathleen became more and more comfortable in having Quincy use longer and sharper cutlery.

Many viewers understand how these types of lessons encourage social bonding, solidify routines, and create new avenues for open communication. Other commenters, however, believe kids his age should never touch knives.

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