Mom Finally Lets Toddler Hold Baby Brothers, But Is Stunned When He Won’t Let Them Go

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Having a second child can be intimidating for some parents — not only is it a big change for Mom and Dad, it’s a huge change for the first child.

While some kids desperately want younger siblings, others like being the center of their parents’ attention and affection. Parents often go to long lengths to prepare their first child for having a younger sibling, teaching them how to hold them, how to talk to them, and how to be gentle.

Additionally, parents have to teach their first child how to share — whether it’s toys, friends, or parents. So when parents find out that their second child is actually going to be second children, everything can be even more overwhelming.

Finding out you’re having twins is exciting and scary for most parents. The first few months after they’re born is a time of challenges and adjustments for the rest of the family, including older siblings.

One family in Oregon got to experience some of the challenges firsthand when they brought their infant twins home from the hospital. After a five-week NICU stay, the baby boys finally got to come home.

In the video below, their mom wants to give their older brother, Elijah, a chance to hold them, so she sits Elijah down on the couch and places both babies gently in Elijah’s arms.

After a few minutes she offers to take the babies back, but Elijah refuses to let go.

The mom asks again, but every time she puts her hand near the babies, Elijah tells her “no!”

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