Toddler Has Wild Cloud Of White Hair, Then Doctors Realize It’s Sign Of A Syndrome Einstein Had

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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When Sara Lamb, 29, gave birth to her daughter Jaili two years ago, the baby had normal hair.

After Jaili’s infant hair started coming in, Sara realized that it wasn’t exactly normal.

Unlike this baby, who was born with crazy hair, Jaili’s started becoming unusual the older she got.

Jaili’s hair started growing in with hair that was wiry and coarse. Her parents assumed that it would just be really curly and unruly, but it never changed.

As it continued to grow, Jaili’s hair stayed straight and white. It was a strange texture, and Sara worried she’d done something to cause Jaili’s hair to be so unusual.

They tried using all sorts of products, but nothing worked.

Eventually, they asked a doctor, who explained that Jaili has uncombable hair syndrome — the same gene disorder as Albert Einstein.

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jaili hair
SWNS/Lamb Family

Jaili, 2, has bright white, coarse, tangled hair.

It’s a bit unusual, but it’s due to a rare genetic mutation known as uncombable hair syndrome.

jaili einstein hair
SWNS/Lamb Family

Sara Lamb, Jaili’s mom, spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to tame Jaili’s hair. However, they eventually found out that it was caused by a genetic disorder.

In fact, it’s the same genetic disorder people believe Albert Einstein had.

jaili straight hair
SWNS/Lamb Family

After trying to fix Jaili’s hair for so long, they’ve finally decided to just embrace it.

The spunky 2-year-old has a quirky personality, and her wacky hair is just an extension of her.

jaili wacky hair
SWNS/Lamb Family

Sara, who is a nurse trainee, decided to have Jaili tested after she read about a similar case.

Sara, her husband, and Jaili all sent DNA samples to a lab at the Institute for Human Genetics at the University of Bonn, which gave them Jaili’s diagnosis.

dna samples
SWNS/Lamb Family

Typically, uncombable hair syndrome makes hair stand on its end from the roots, forcing it to stick straight out from the head.

People with uncombable hair syndrome usually have very light-colored hair.

sara dna
SWNS/Lamb Family

Parents tend to notice that their children have unusual hair sometime between 3 and 12 months of age.

Usually, the syndrome somewhat resolves itself when the child hits puberty.

little jaili
SWNS/Lamb Family

It takes people a while to get used to Jaili’s hair, though most realize it totally suits her personality.

In fact, people have told Jaili that she looks like a little dandelion — how cute is that?

jaili pigtails
SWNS/Lamb Family

Sara said that people regularly stop them on the street to comment on Jaili’s hair — usually it’s something about how cute she is.

People will say something mean once in a while, but when Sara tells them about Jaili’s condition, they’re more understanding.

baby jaili
SWNS/Lamb Family

Uncombable hair syndrome is genetic, which means it’s inherited.

There are three hair protein genes that can have mutations that cause the syndrome.

jaili doll
SWNS/Lamb Family

Jaili’s hair is definitely one-of-a-kind, but it totally suits her.

Can you imagine what it would be like if your daughter had hair like this?

jaili combed hair
SWNS/Lamb Family

What do you think of Jaili’s wacky hair?

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