Deaf Great Dane And Her New Baby Sister Are Practically Inseparable

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Marion Dwyer has always been a lover of Great Danes, but she never expected her third Great Dane to change her life so dramatically.

While looking to add a third dog to her family, Marion came across Echo, a friendly, deaf Great Dane who was about to be put down by her first family because of her disability. Marion quickly fell in love with the gentle giant, and decided to adopt her despite her hearing impairments.

Though the family is head-over-heels in love with Echo, it’s Marion’s daughter, Jennie, who has become most attached to the big dog. At just 17 months old, Jennie goes everywhere with her furry best friend. Mom Marion even describes the duo as “sisters” who look out for one another.

There’s just something about toddlers and dogs being best friends that always puts a smile on my face!

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Thumbnail Photo: Caters News Agency / Marion Dwyer

[H/T: Daily Mail]

When Echo, a hearing-impaired dog, came home with Marion, she quickly bonded with the family’s other two Great Danes, Lillith and Nyx.

Though she enjoys spending time with her furry siblings, she is closest with her human sister Jennie, whom she loved even before birth.

“Echo just seems to have always taken to Jennie, even before she was born,” Marion told Daily Mail. “She always snuggled up to my baby bump and wanted to rest her head on it.”

Though she’s young, Jennie understands that Echo is a special dog, and is slowly learning how to communicate with her.

“Jennie now knows we use hand signs to communicate with Echo and is starting to mimic them,” Marion said.

“She will wave Echo over to her when she wants her to come, and she knows how to offer her a treat,” the mom added. “She likes to sneak her breakfast waffles and apple slices.”

The toddler even accompanies her mom to dog-training classes in a baby carrier, where she learns how to be the best toddler dog owner possible.

Echo loves to take walks with Jennie, especially since the toddler’s slower pace allows for a more leisurely stroll.

“Jennie loves to walk Echo, who has learned that Jennie’s pace is a lot slower than mine, which she enjoys as she can do two of her favorite things: sniff things and people-watch,” Marion said.

When they’re together, Echo is very protective of her younger sister, though not in an aggressive way.

“She loves people and will put herself in front of Jennie to be pet first,” the mom said. “If a stranger with a dog approaches, she will stand or sit in front of Jennie to shield her, but not showing any aggression — just making sure she’s safe.”

Echo and Jennie are two peas in a pod, as Marion describes both as “outgoing” and “very independent.”

Looking at these pictures, it’s clear they really do make the perfect team!

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