Parents Take 14-Month-Old Daughter Snowboarding, And They Are Blown Away At How Good She Is

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Snowboarding is a notoriously difficult sport — especially at first. Newbies to the snow hill are usually encouraged to take up skiing instead of snowboarding because it’s easier to pick up.

A lot of people come away from their first day of snowboarding feeling sore and disappointed with their snowboarding skills. Most people spend their entire first few days of snowboarding falling — a lot.

Balancing sideways while strapped to a board that is sliding down a snowy mountain can be ridiculously difficult at first, although you wouldn’t know it from looking at this little girl.

Sloan Henderson, a 14-month-old baby, went to a ski hill with her parents in early 2016.

They dressed her up in a puffy snowsuit, put on her hat, and placed her on top of a tiny snowboard that matched her hat.

Because she’s on a tiny children’s snowboard, it is attached to a string (you know, just to hold on to her in case the snowboard gets out of control). Her parents film her trying out the snowboard, and they’re definitely impressed by how well she does.

Sloan is actually so young that in the first part of the clip she even has a pacifier in her mouth.

And little Sloan seems to absolutely love snowboarding. She grins and giggles when her dad high-fives her, and she seems delighted when she goes down the slopes. At the end, Sloan is doing so well that her parents let her go without the safety string.

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