He Jabs A Pencil Right Inside The Toaster Slots, Then Rachael Realizes He’s Cleaning It Out

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

There are so many cleaning hacks that it can feel overwhelming to keep up with them all, but the simple ones for cleaning out the crumbs from your toaster found in the video below are just too easy to ever forget.

I know I’m always looking for ways to make cleaning my home less stressful, especially when it comes to the never-ending list of chores in the kitchen.

Whether you ask a professional, like Rachael Ray’s buddy Peter Walsh, or rely on time-honored tricks passed down through generations in your family, it’s always better to go into your to-do list with some helpful hacks.

The toaster has always been one of the most frustrating appliances lining our kitchen counters. As someone who loves — and I mean loves — chowing down on crunchy bread, I have had my fair share of fights with the gadget when it comes time to get rid of all the gunk that gathers from slice after slice.

But I would have never thought to get as creative as Peter does with his genius hacks! I would be upset at myself for not coming up with these common-sense fixes if I weren’t just too happy at least to know them now.

Instead of wrestling with the tray at the bottom of the toaster and feeling like there’s still a million specks of bread cluttering up your otherwise clean surface space, give these a try!

Have you ever come up with your own cleaning hacks for around the house? Let us know in the comments!

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