Man Takes Ordinary Porta-Potty, Then Reveals Completely Transformed Tiny Home Inside

by Jess Butler
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Sometimes we don’t realize what we take for granted. It might be our jobs, our family, or even our homes.

With so many homeless people living on the streets, a California man named TK Devine decided to take action. He wanted to do something to solve the problem. Then he came up with a bizarre, yet brilliant idea.

“I myself have lived home-free, without a home for four years running,” TK explains in the video below, posted on April 13, 2017.

“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves need consistency, they need a good night’s rest.”

He saw a Porta-Potty and got inspired.

After sketching out his creative idea, TK transformed an ordinary Porta-Potty and created the ultimate, fully functional tiny home. He aims to construct more of these transformed portable toilets and create livable spaces to bring to the homeless.

“I can fit a 6-foot-1 frame comfortably, usually with my shoes off as my mama taught me, right here on the bed,” he says, giving a tour of the tiny home. “And it’s as big as a twin bed!”

He lies down as a demonstration and looks surprisingly cozy in the Porta-Potty home.

Next, he pulls out a portable stove top and opens up a mini fridge below. His Porta-Potty tiny home has everything the average person could ever need.

Luckily, TK is working on many more, hoping to help those in need. You can see his big plans for the future here on his website.

To see a full tour of this miniature living space, check out the video below and please SHARE if you admire TK’s ambition to solve a rampant issue happening in many major cities!

Thumbnail Image Source: Flickr / Bradley Gordon

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