Tired Mom Spends Hours Walking Boy To School Til Driver Recognizes Them From TV And Follows Them

by Amy Paige
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Kim Bellus and her young son, Gabe, lived two miles away from his elementary school. Because of Nebraska state laws, the school bus refused to pick up students who lived within four miles of the school.

This pesky rule presented a huge problem for Kim. The full-time student and stay-at-home mom could not afford a car. So, she was forced to walk her second grader to school and back every single day. The hilly, exhaustive trek took up roughly 10 hours or more each week.

Kim worried about the coming winter months when the temperatures would drop to dangerous levels.

Then, in August 2015, the local news picked up Kim’s heartbreaking story. The exhausted mom didn’t realize the coverage would bring an unexpected stranger into their lives.

Days after the news segment aired, Kim and Gabe set out on their usual morning walk to school. But this day would prove anything but usual.

A woman named Becky, who’d been driving alongside Kim and Gabe on the sidewalk, thought she recognized the mother and son. Suddenly, Becky turned her car around and pulled right up next to them with a very specific and special offer…

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Footage provided by KMTV Omaha

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