Transform Your Spare Tire Into An Adorable Backyard Flower Planter

by Ariana Seigel
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I have always fantasized about having a spectacular backyard: growing fresh herbs, hosting outdoor dinner parties, relaxing in the sun.

That’s why, in my free time, you’ll catch me digging around for fresh new outdoor DIY projects  like this ridiculously simple (and adorable) upcycled bird feeder.

So when I discovered how one blogger transformed a spare tire into a funky flower planter, I knew I had to give it a try.

Star DIY blogger Roeshel of DIY Show Off created an easy-to-use tutorial that’ll have you planting seeds in your old tires in no time. All you need to get stared are a spare tire, a drill, and some flowers from your local gardening store.

And the best part? Your portable tire planter can be easily moved around your outdoor space, so you can rest assured that your plants will always get the perfect amount of sunlight.

What DIY projects have you built with your spare tires? Let us know in the comments!

Our DIY-er started by grabbing a spare tire and giving it a thorough wash with some soap and water.

She then gave her tire a few coats of spray paint (including both primer and paint).

She cleverly drilled a hole in the bottom of her tire planter to allow for proper drainage.

Her next step was to line the bottom of the planter with a fabric barrier and styrofoam packing peanuts.

She bought a colorful premade pot of flowers at her local gardening store.

She now had everything she needed to complete her one-of-a-kind planter: flowers, a watering can, and some good dirt.

She got to work potting her flowers on top of her existing base, with the drainage system working perfectly.

After putting some nails on the patio wall, our DIY-er mounted her adorable flower-planter.

And when the planter needed a bit more sunshine, she simply unhooked it and fashioned it to hang from her favorite tree.

In order to get the planter to hang securely, she attached it with a chain that she wrapped around both planter and tree branch.

Our DIY-er also made sure to purchase an “S” hook to ensure the chain stayed safely in place.

She even added a cute garden gnome for an extra dose of whimsy.

This funky tire planter added a gorgeous burst of color to her existing white patio furniture.

She decided she would replace the flowers with the changing seasons, giving her the chance to experiment with different plant varietals.

With only a few hours and a bit of hardware, our DIY-er created a truly unique planter that gave her backyard a beautiful upgrade!

Instead of throwing away old tires, why not repurpose them into funky flower planters?

Visit DIY Show Off for even more of Roeshel’s projects!

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