Woman Pays $38,000 For 200-Sq-Ft House After Abandoning Home Of 25 Years And She Loves It

by Kat Manos
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Attorney Corinne Corley used to live in Kansas City before she decided to move to the tiny city of Isleton in Northern California.

Isleton, which sits along the San Joaquin River in Sacramento County, has a very small population of less than 1,000 people — but that’s not the only small thing in town.

Corinne lives in a tiny-home community, along with a few neighbors. The community is apparently the only legal one currently in Northern California.

The attorney, who has a rare medical condition and wanted to move in order to be closer to the Stanford Hospital, left behind her three-bedroom, two-bath home of 25 years for tiny living.

“I wanted to live in a house and the only way to downsize and live in a house was to live in a tiny house,” Corinne explained to CBS San Francisco Bay Area.

So, in order to downsize and save money, Corinne spent $38,000 on a 200-square-foot tiny home. Like other homes, she has a workspace, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, which doubles as a living room. She has a washing machine and lives like others — just in a smaller space.

“Tiny living is not for everybody,” Corinne explains. “A lot of people, for example, wouldn’t want their whole life exposed. This is where I sleep, this is where I work.”

Corinne’s 25-year-old neighbor Lola chose to live in a tiny home because of the area’s crippling real estate market. Despite the lack of space, the residents of the tiny-home community like their living situation.

“Getting used to living tiny was not that hard,” Corinne added, though she claims to miss hosting guests and throwing parties around the holidays most of all.

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Photos: CBS San Francisco Bay Area

CORRECTION: February 16, 2018

An earlier version of this story misspelled a name as “Corrine.” It’s “Corinne.”

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