Custom-Built Tiny Home Is The Perfect Space To Live And Work

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Many people believe that tiny homes are more than just small spaces you can live in. For most, tiny homes are a gateway to living a more authentic and simple life.

The staff at Wind River Tiny Homes believe just that. They want to take the tiny dreams in your head and make them into a reality.

The Tennessee-based company designs and crafts tiny homes to suit their customers’ needs with the highest-quality materials and the desire to make each home a reflection of their customers’ lives.

The good people at Wind River Tiny Homes also offer workshops to teach others about tiny house building practices. Workshops aren’t the only trait that set this company apart, however.

The creators and builders of these tiny homes live in the tiny homes themselves!

Although aesthetic is important to them, the staff’s perspective from living in their own tiny homes enables them to communicate what really works in tiny living situations.

One tiny home we loved in particular is the Triton.

Scroll down to view its unique floor plan and beautiful details, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments!

The staff of Wind River Tiny Homes in Tennessee has a very important goal in mind for all of their customers: they want to make their clients’ dreams a reality.

Each home is custom-designed to suit the needs of their clients.

Even if the original idea started on a paper napkin, they want to recreate that vision so their customers can start living simply and authentically in their own new tiny homes.

The Triton, the tiny home we’ve featured here, is intended for a professional who works from home.

Although the space is small, they’ve set aside a specified work area that can be closed off with a pocket door.

There’s even a walk-in closet!

The masterminds behind these tiny homes have over 30 years of combined experience in creative construction. People involved in creating the designs live in the same homes they sell.

The quality materials used to make these homes are the same materials the builders use on their own homes.

Each unit comes with standard plumbing, a composting toilet, and fiberglass shower inserts.

The builders are constantly finding new ways to make each home more livable. For instance, they’ve learned to leave open spaces by integrating pullout drawers for garbage and recycle receptacles.

They also offer high-quality options such as solar panels, power storage, tank-less hot water heaters, and gray water re-use systems!

The builders’ unique perspectives from living in these tiny homes allows potential buyers to ask what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to moving into a tiny home of their own.

“We believe that tiny homes can give people the freedom, both in time and money, to live authentically and with purpose,” Wind River Tiny Homes’ website states.

“Sometimes you have to think tiny to live big.”

Do you think personalized tiny homes are a passing trend or are they here to stay?

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